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Seizing opportunity is about identifying the right place and the right time

Seizing opportunity is about identifying the right place and the right time

Efficient waste management infrastructure requires deep experience and time.
With laser focus, we have explored opportunities in the Dominican Republic for years and now operate numerous collections sites and a state-of-the-art material recovery facility.

10+ Collection sites

Material Recovery in the Dominican Republic

We have explored the potential of the Dominican Republic for our sustainable framework for 3 years. We’re laser focused on impact in this region.


Mission International Rescue (MIR) Charities is a nonprofit organization working to supply the Dominican Republic’s most marginalized people with a variety of life-altering services.

About 40% of Dominican students drop out of school before eighth grade, oftentimes with the goal of pursuing a career in professional baseball. ORG is partnering with MIR to build a baseball field to encourage youngsters’ love of sport while helping them continue their path in education.

ORG Field will be located at Politecnico MIR Esperanza, a school that provides educational opportunities to students as well as lending a helping hand in the fight against poverty. Our hope is to uplift local students by providing them with the resources they need to stay in school and make it to graduation day.

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Construction beginning January 2025